Nursery Production Manager


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The main duties associated with this position include planning, scheduling and overseeing potting, irrigation, fertilizing, pruning, weeding, spacing, winterizing, grading, clean up, labeling container plant production. • Selecting staff for various tasks associated with the potting process. • Set schedules for staff associated with potting such that they know what their individual responsibilities are for each day. • Allocating of equipment needed. • Oversee the operation of the potting machine and other production related activities such as prepping liners and stock to be upshifted. Keep the activities around the potting machine as well as the crew placing newly planted material in the beds running smoothly and efficiently in a coordinated fashion. • Ensure that all staff are working safely and that work areas are always organized and free or clutter and hazards. • Follow the established potting plan and work with the rest of the management team when changes need to be made to the plan. • Ensure the potting machine and potting area are cleaned at the end of each shift. • Following each day of potting, take counts and inspect for neat and tidy rows in the beds and correct labeling of blocks as per standard practices. • Complete and submit a potting report at the end of each day. Will be responsible for daily counts, record keeping and logs. • Monitor the health of all liners until the newly potted plants have been placed in growing beds. • Assess daily needs and make sure supplies such as soil and pots are always available. • Work with the IPM Pesticide Applicator to plan and carry out applications of herbicides and pesticides appropriate to crop type and pest problems throughout the year at all sites on the nursery. Follow Standard Practices manual and Worksafe regulations including communicating spray schedule with staff and placement of warning signs. • Oversee maintenance of spray records and product inventory. • Assist with purchasing fertilizer, potting mixes and plant protection products & chemicals. • Oversee day to day operation of all growing areas of the Nursery. • Liaise with suppliers, government officials and industry experts. • Supervise a varied work crew of up to 40 permanent and seasonal staff. • Coordinate and oversee the irrigation operation of container production at the nursery. • Supervise all staff designated to propagation and assign tasks as needed. • Undertake regular inventory inspections and soil/water tests to determine potential quality issues. • Schedule and oversee pruning and fertilizer applications as required. • Be responsible for the care and use of production equipment during production activities. • Ensure tasks are assigned efficiently, productivity objectives are met, and safety standards are maintained.


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Work Conditions: Employee provides own rain gear & steel toed footwear and gloves when necessary. Work in all weather conditions and being physically able to meet demands including standing for extended periods, repetitive bending, twisting and pulling. Extra hours may be required during the growing season to accomplish objectives. Compensation: Subject to experience and education with Group Benefits available after 3 months. Hours of work: Full-time Monday to Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

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British Columbia, Pitt Meadows

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