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ARAMARK HEALTHCARE JOB TITLE: Cook REPORTS TO: Food Service Director and/or Cook Supervisor 2 positions (1 full time and 1 part time) 20$ /hr POSITION SUMMARY: Describes the general purpose of the job or why the job exists. Prepare and portion food items in accordance with ARAMARK Canada Ltd. production requirements. Use daily worksheets and standardized recipes to cook meals. Perform various duties in accordance with ARAMARK sanitation standards. This position participates in the preparation and serving of meals and food items. a) Prepare all food items according to recipe cards and prep lists according to ARAMARK Canada Ltd. standards. b) Maintain proper production levels according to estimates on the production sheets. c) Maintain proper rotation of food to assure top quality and freshness. d) Collect leftovers, cover, label and properly store according to ARAMARK standards. e) Maintain clean and orderly refrigerators and work areas. Make sure the stations are properly cleaned, sanitized, and organized at the end of the shift. (Including cleaning of kitchen equipment) f) Ensure timely and efficient meal service g) Maintain a safe, sanitary work environment, which conforms to all standards and regulations. Adhere to safety policies and accident reporting procedures. h) Complete all required training. i) Participate in preparation and serving of meals. j) Ensure proper portion and any special dietary requirements are fulfilled k) Perform other responsibilities as assigned. STATUS & SCOPE: Describe the reporting relationships, special skills and abilities required to perform essential job functions. Typically reports to a Food Service Director and/or a General Manager. Interfaces with customers and medical staff on a daily basis. In addition, may have contact with vendors and other agencies. Reports to Food Service Director and/or Lead Supervisor. Responsible for hands-on preparation of food. QUALIFICATIONS: Describe experience, education and related coursework typically required or expected to perform essential job functions. a) High school education or equivalent experience preferred. b) Minimum one-year prep work or food service related work preferred. c) Knowledge of food prep, proper knife handling, temperature control, and sanitation is helpful. d) Must be able to read and write to facilitate proper communication with others. e) Mathematical ability required. Must be able to perform simple mathematical calculations. f) Hold a trade certification in food services. LIFTING REQUIREMENTS: Place an “X” next to the statement that best describes your usual lifting activity. Sedentary Lifting up to 10 pounds maximum and occasionally lifting an/or carrying small items (file, manuals, binders) X Light Lifting 20 pounds maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying objects up to 10 pounds X Medium Lifting 50 pounds maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying objects weighing up to 25 pounds Heavy Lifting 100 pounds maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying objects up to 50 pounds Very Heavy Lifting objects in excess of 100 pounds with frequent lifting and/or carrying objects weighing 50 pounds or more PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Place an “X” in the column that best describes the physical activities, which are required for your job. Not Required Occasional Frequent Constant Bending X Pushing X Hearing X Reaching X Climbing X Keying X Seeing X Speaking X Standing X Walking X DEFINITIONS: Not Required: May be a routine part of the job, but the essential functions can be performed without this activity. Occasional: Activity is needed to perform the essential functions of the job at random intervals. Frequent: Activity is usual and customary part of the essential functions of the job. Constant: Activity is continually occurring and required to perform the essential functions of the job.


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PVT,Mobilité frqancophone

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