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Cabot Links is looking to recruit talented Breakfast Cooks who will assist in preparation and delivery of high quality food items in a busy kitchen. Core Accountabilities: • Responsible for ensuring top quality breakfast products are served • Follows all recipes, weights and measures to produce top quality breakfast products in accordance with the standards Kitchen Guidebook and Executive Chefs • Responsible to open the kitchen in accordance with the opening checklist • Complies with all portion sizes, cooking methods, and quality standards, in accordance with standardized recipes • Assumes 100% responsibility for quality of products served • Maintains sanitary workstation including tables, shelves, grills, broilers, fryers, sauté burners and refrigeration equipment • Receive, store and rotate all food items in the correct manner to ensure proper standards and minimum wastage is being enforced • Carry out duties though prescribed safe working practices and adhere be proactive in identifying and reporting all safety risks to guests and staff • Maintain a clean, neat and professional appearance, ensuring proper protective clothing is worn at all time • Maintain a positive attitude and attendance record at all times • Comply and maintain all specified kitchen standards at all times • Carry out and attend, if required, training courses, which are necessary for the performance of the role • Abide by all occupational health, safety and standards • Follow all Fire Safety Plan and Regulations • Other duties as assigned by management Qualifications: • Five years’ experience • Demonstrated verbal and interpersonal communications skills • Able to multi-task and solve problems under pressure • Able to work long hours, including morning, nights and weekends • Able to maintain a positive attitude and attendance record at all times • Highly responsible & reliable • Ability to work cohesively as part of a team Physical Demands: • Ability to spend long hours walking and standing • Frequently lifting and carrying up to 50 - 100 lbs • Occasional ascending or descending stairs and ramps • Occasional kneeling, pushing, pulling, lifting • Must be able to work in a hot, stressful, noisy kitchen


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High School Diploma
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Fixed-term contract
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5-6 months


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Nova Scotia, Inverness

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