Night Preparation / Saucier Cook

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This position requires someone with a good palate that can follow recipes and sometimes use mathematics to change the quantities required without affecting the taste of the final product. As a valuable member of the kitchen team, you will be preparing sauces, soups, dressings and stews, following recipes. You will ensure proper storage and cooling of the food prepared. You will work closely with Sous-chef and Chef to ensure the quality and taste profile of every recipe and bring to their attention any discrepancies. You will work under the direction of Sous Chef and Chef to assist in the preparation of food. In their absence, you will report to the supervisor on duty. Responsibilities: • Ensure that all soups, stocks and sauces necessary for service are completed, of high quality and of required quantities. Ensure production of food in a timely manner • Strong knowledge and experience with making stocks, classical sauces and soups • Able to mathematically adjust recipes; able to read, create, interpret and follow written recipes with precision. • Ensure only high-quality ingredients are used when preparing all recipes • Wrap, label, date, initial and store all food items properly to maintain freshness and quality • Rotate refrigerated products and dry good products in accordance the FIFO method. • Maintain the proper temperatures for all foods and coolers and freezers. • Assist fellow employees at every opportunity possible to ensure guests are always completely satisfied and that the kitchen doesn’t run out of any prepped items • Assist in other kitchen areas when needed and/or asked by supervisors, Sous-Chef or Chef • Observe all safety and security procedures. Use equipment and material properly. Report potentially unsafe conditions to supervisors, Sous-Chef or Chef • A strong work ethic and commitment to uncompromising quality • Other related duties as required Requirements • 2-3-year kitchen experience • FoodSafe1, and WHIMIS certification an asset • Great communication skills • Works safely and responsibly • Willing to learn new techniques and apply them • Excellent attention to detail and well-developed organizational skills • Work well in a team • Maintain a professional appearance at all times.

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Accommodation • Staff housing at reasonable price may be available. First come first serve policy applies. Recruiting fees • All recruitment fees are to be charged to the employer and won’t be deducted from the employee’s paycheck • Transportation fees must be paid by the employee. The Downtown hotel can offer a shuttle from the airport to town.

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Yukon, Dawson City

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