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There are millions of EA Sports players generating billions of events every day. We would like to use the high-volume of data streams to detect and anticipate Security threats and issues as soon as possible. The Game Security Data Scientist will be tasked with using big data, machine learning and visualization techniques to find patterns and correlations that will help keep the EA Sports platform safe and secure. This role is at the intersection of security and data science and so the candidate should be able to adopt a security mindset to predict the adversaries’ moves. The candidate should be able to leverage various statistical, AI, and machine learning methods to detect anomalies and fraudulent behavior. Areas to Explore: -Detect patterns associated with fraudulent accounts, and anomalous behavior. -Setup monitoring and alerting mechanisms. -Visualize Big Security Data in a meaningful way -Social network analysis (SNA) Deliverables: -Depending on the applicant’s skill, aptitude and interest: -Machine learning algorithm that successfully detects fraud and other security threats -Data visualization tools which helps detect anomalies and other threats -Report evaluating the success or failure of the experiment(s), and ideas for next steps Required Experience: -Depending on the applicant’s skill, aptitude and interest: -Experience with SQL and no-SQL databases. -Applied machine learning experience and familiarity with standard techniques, relevant tools and libraries. -Ability to think and solve scientific problems and invent new methods. -Familiarity with programming languages such as Python, Java, C/C++, Scala, etc. Preferred Experience: -A Master or PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics, or Electrical Engineering with specialization in machine learning, information security, artificial intelligence, decision support/making or other related fields. -Familiarity with Big Data tools such as Splunk, Hadoop, Spark, etc. -Exposure to Security in areas such as network/software security and a good understanding of security data, attack vectors and more. -Experience with Visualization tools and libraries such as Tableau, SAS VA, Matplotlib, etc. Software development experience.

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Colombie-Britannique, Vancouver

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