Water Utility Operator

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Métiers, transport, machinerie et domaines apparentés
Profession/métier :
Personnel d'entretien des canalisations d'eau et de gaz
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JOB DESCRIPTION: Reporting to: Water Utility Supervisor • Performs a variety of semi-skilled and skilled technical and maintenance work in the operation, maintenance, and repair of treatment and pumping facilities, equipment, and operating systems and distribution systems • Assists in the development of written system reports, maintenance programs, and standard operating procedures • Assists in duties within the Public Works when assigned • Monitors the water treatment and distribution systems within the Victoria County Water Utility • Operates wells, chlorination pumps, and motors • Assures that the water distribution systems are operated and maintained in accordance with applicable standards, regulations, specifications, and approvals specific to each supply • Utilizes the operations of SCADA equipment to increase efficiencies in operations of the water treatment and distribution systems • Monitor and inspect equipment and systems • Diagnose malfunctions in equipment and/or systems and ensures timely and efficient repair • Provides supervision and assistance for all maintenance and repairs on all water mains, valves, hydrants, and curb stops • Installs curb stops, installs meters for water customers, and inspects trench work for all new services • Performs basic plumbing, carpentry, and electrical work in the maintenance and operation of the water distribution systems • Responds to and resolves inquiries and complaints • Assists in other duties as directed • Maintains the Victoria County Water Utility supplies to ensure the supply of potable water as per NSE approvals to operate • Maintains water utility facilities, infrastructure, and properties by carrying out grad cutting, snow clearing, painting, and cleaning • Ensures fire hydrants are functional, cleared of snow, ice, and vegetation and painted on a regular basis • Maintains sufficient inventory for operations • Attends provided training for safety, NSE certification, and improved systems operation • Provides supervision and training for staff assigned to the utility • Prepares work orders for servicing and repairs • Maintains the general administration of the water system in order to ensure effective operations. REQUIREMENTS: Ability to respond 24/7 and when not available, communicate as such to the Water Utility Supervisor • Ability to be on a call out roster for extended periods of time • Demonstrated knowledge of water treatment plant approvals to operate and withdraw, Province of Nova Scotia water regulations and guidelines, and the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines • Demonstrated understanding of operations and maintenance of a domestic water treatment and distribution system • Demonstrated knowledge of materials, methods, practices and equipment used in water distribution system construction, maintenance, and repair activities • Understanding of basic mechanical and electrical systems • Knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions • Ability to operate office equipment and computer equipment. Specific Qualifications Required: Experience • Five (5) years of experience in the construction, maintenance and repair of water treatment and distribution systems. Education • Grade 12 Diploma • Post-secondary specialized training in water treatment methods or applicable CEU’s. License or Certificate • Nova Scotia Class II Treatment Operator’s certificate or equivalent • Possession of a valid Nova Scotia driver’s license. • All certificates must be maintained in good standing. Other • Emergency First Aid (must include copy) • WHMIS/GHS (must include copy)

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Nouvelle-Écosse, Baddeck, Victoria County

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