Surveillant Agricole

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Secteur :
Ressources naturelles, agriculture et production connexe
Profession/métier :
Entrepreneurs/entrepreneuses de services agricoles, surveillants/surveillantes d'exploitations agricoles et ouvriers spécialisés/ouvrières spécialisées dans l'élevage
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We are looking for an energetic, well-rounded individual to join our year-round team. The ideal candidate will have a background in commercial fruit growing with broad experience covering all areas of production. The Farm Supervisor will work closely with the Farm Manager to ensure day-to-day tasks are carried out in a time efficient manner while maintaining quality workmanship. DUTIES: − Operate equipment (tractor, sprayer, mower, loader, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, pruning shears etc.) − Maintain equipment such as cleaning, greasing and sharpening tools − Maintain and repair trellis and irrigation systems − Maintain and repair buildings as needed − Pruning, raking, tree & vine training, shoot thinning, apple thinning, leaf removal, hedging and picking − Scout fields for pests and disease issues, monitor trap counts − Supervise and train crews as needed − Administration duties including but not limited to food safety, spray, & horticultural records − Take part in Health and Safety training, have a commitment to safe farming practices − Implement strategies for maximum yield and quality SKILLS: − Strong communication skills − Ability to follow detailed directions − Attention to detail and accurate reporting − Ability to self-motivate while doing repetitive tasks − Ability to problem solve − Have good agility & stamina and able to lift 50 lbs − Able to stand, walk, bend, twist for 9 hours per day − Ability to identify pests and diseases − Excellent oral and written English − Basic computer skills including Microsoft Office software

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− Average 40 hours/ week, up to 70 during peak times − Hours and duties are dependent on the weather and crop volume − Weekends will be required during the growing season − Overtime provisions do not apply for agricultural positions

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Colombie-Britannique, Lake Country

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