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The Clinical Trainer shall be responsible for serving as a facilitator for clients of Timeless Medical Systems®, assisting in the development of associated training materials and methodology. This includes facilitating training programs, performing assorted administrative or operational functions such as assisting in the research and development of multi-media training materials for individual, departmental, and organizational presentation, and maintaining the training schedule in coordination with the Project Management team. The Clinical Trainer is responsible for providing specialized support of higher complexity and technology which requires strong analytical skills and excellent communication ability. Training is done both on the client site and remotely, and will require a significant amount of travel. Skills & Requirements Education: University degree in nursing, dietetics or other related healthcare specialization. Pertinent Experience: A minimum of three (3) years’ experience using an Electronic Practice Management (EPM) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system(s) in a healthcare environment. A minimum of three (3) years’ experience facilitating training in a classroom environment on clinical healthcare applications or systems. Skillsets: • Demonstrated experience analyzing business and technical requirements. • Direct knowledge of database management and various data retrieval methodologies, including data importing to spreadsheets, graphs, etc. • Able to write operational procedures in both technical and user-oriented language. • Able to interpret the operational requirements of end users, project managers, and other stakeholders. • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. • Self-starter and highly motivated to make proactive changes. • Ability to accept and integrate constructive feedback from superiors. • Effective deadline management and project management skills. • Knowledge of service level agreements and customer service standards. • Excellent project management skills. • Strong customer service orientation. About Timeless Medical Systems® Timeless Medical Systems® is part of the Timeless Group of Companies, which is a highly specialized software development company based in Charlottetown, PEI. Timeless Medical Systems’® main goal is to create truly groundbreaking products that have a major impact on the lives of healthcare and medical professionals. We specialize in mobile, point of care clinical applications which are on the cutting edge of medical technologies, covering multiple areas of the hospital. We look and act a lot like a start-up company but we have the luxury of working within a successful and established leading technology company with some incredible investment and support. We offer an environment that is team-centered, customer-driven, quality-focused, and growth-oriented.

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