Dining Room Server

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Vente et services
Profession/métier :
Serveurs/serveuses d'aliments et de boissons
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Responsibility: Provide exceptional, friendly, professional & unobtrusive meal service to guests in the Dining Room, at barbecues, etc. Duties: Keep your section of the dining room clean & organized. Be in proper uniform at all times, during meals, during set-up, etc. Your uniform must be clean, spotless and pressed at all times. Arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of your shift, to check your station and learn the menu. Maintain an efficient and friendly rapport with all guests. You are FRONT LINE personnel. There is a fine line between professional charm and chatty gossip - be aware of the difference. Respectful & co-operative communication with kitchen personnel and other departments. Know all food ordering forms and communicate clearly in writing with the kitchen. Maintain a good working relationship with fellow dining room and other staff. Bring up any guest complaints to Management right away. Greet guests at their table within 1/2 minute of their arrival. Acknowledge guests who have just entered the dining room and are waiting to be seated with a greeting. Know all daily menus and specials for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner so as to be able to explain intelligently the menu choices. Knowing/following proper outlines regarding refusing gratuities. Always be polite. The Dining Room Manager at the start and throughout the season will teach and coach you on various items, how to make tea and coffee, lemonade, toast, hot chocolate, etc. You will be responsible for following these outlines each and every shift. Read, know and understand the "Dining Room Staff Manual". On and off duty - be positive, energetic and charming. Always make your trips to/from the kitchen useful - never be empty handed. If not busy, ask what you can do.

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May to Octob


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de 17 à 20

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Front line personality – warm, welcoming, responsible and organized! Learns quickly, efficiently, handle multiple tasks Some experience in a good hotel and restaurant Legal permission to work in Canada Superior English written and oral skills French or German speaking an asset A love of the outdoors is essential.

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Ontario, Algonquin Provincial Park

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