Information for candidates

Destination Canada is your chance to discover opportunities to live and work in Canada. Participation is by invitation only. Candidates are invited to attend in light of the job offers posted prior to the event, the overall needs of the Canadian labour market and eligibility requirements for immigration to Canada.

The presentation and round table discussion will give you a detailed view of Canada, its regions, economy, work opportunities as well as information on how to obtain a temporary work permit or permanent resident visa. Representatives from several of Canada's provinces and territories will be at the stands to tell you about their regions, cities and communities as well as their specific immigration programs. Representatives from French-speaking communities across Canada will be present to answer your questions about life in French in Canada.

Canadian employers will be present with job offers. Workshops on a range of themes from starting a business in Canada to preparing your Canadian résumé will be held on site. To complete the picture, your national public employment services will explain how they can help you prepare for international work experience.

Step by step :
  1. Sign up here to request to participate.
  2. You will be asked to submit your résumé in French and English and a cover letter. You can start preparing these documents now in the Canadian format.
  3. You will be asked to identify one or two professions in which you have experience. Consult the National Occupational Classification and read the job descriptions to correctly identify your job title.
  4. You will be asked to indicate your level of English and French using this self-assessment reference scale.
  5. You will receive an invitation to attend Destination Canada if your profile matches the skills and experience employers are seeking, if you have already created an Express Entry profile, or if you seem to meet the eligibility requirements for immigration to Canada.
  6. To fully benefit from Destination Canada, you should make yourself available for the whole day.
  7. You are encouraged to attend an information session on immigration to Canada before attending Destination Canada.

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