Canadian employers, representatives from the provinces and territories, francophone community associations and regional economic development organisations will be available to meet you on their stands. Employers and recruitment agencies seeking qualified candidates will present their job offers; it's up to you to make an impression! The Immigration section of the Embassy will be available to discuss your mobility project. Representatives from public employment services will provide advice and resources to prepare your departure. Spending time meeting the various actors on their stands is a great way to start building a Canadian network!

Conferences and workshops

Introduction and Round Table Presentation by the Provinces and Territories

The Canadian Embassy will provide an overview of the day and give tips on how to make the most of the information and contacts available at Destination Canada.

During the Round table each of the provinces and territories present will give you a taste of the warm welcome given to those newly arrived in Canada. Each Canadian province and territory offers a unique geography, economy, job market and climate. Up to you to choose your destination in Canada!

My Express Entry for Living in Canada ? Create and Improve your Express entry Profile

Since January 2015 Express entry is the system used to apply for permanent residence under the economic immigration programs for all the provinces and territories of Canada other than Quebec. Potential candidates create an Express entry profile with information about their work experience, language skills, and level of education. If they meet the criteria for Canadian immigration programs, they will be part of a pool of candidates. The candidates with the highest scores in the pool are invited to apply for permanent residence.

This workshop aims to explain how Express entry works and how to create an Express entry profile. For those who already have a profile, information will be provided on how to improve your existing profile and thus improve your position in the Express entry pool.

What is my job called in Canada? The National Occupational Classification

In Canada, the National Occupational Classification (NOC ) is a system developed to define and classify jobs. Many of Canada's immigration programs use the NOC to determine if a job or kind of work experience is relevant according to the criteria of the program. This workshop will guide you in finding the right NOC code and allow you to better present your experience to Canadian employers and immigration officials.

Create or acquire a business in Canada

This workshop will explain how to go to Canada as an entrepreneur. From planning to market research, financing to registering your business, this session will cover the stages and key resources for starting a business in Canada. Taking over an existing business will also be covered; what investment plan and how to find a list of businesses for sale? A multitude of tips for those interested in launching a business in Canada!

Approaching the Canadian labour market

Building a network, crafting a Canadian résumé, preparing for a job interview - key steps to get ahead in the Canadian labour market. A panel of HR experts will share advice on how to adapt your communication to the needs of Canadian employers. Develop your "soft skills". Sell yourself without bragging - these tips and more for getting a job in Canada!

Understanding immigration programs

To help you determine the immigration program best suited to your project, an immigration officer will present the different temporary (Mobilité francophone, International Experience Canada) and permanent immigration (Express Entry) options, selection criteria and procedures to apply.

Support for my project before leaving for Canada

The public employment services are available to assist you with your international mobility project. The public employment agencies, partners of Destination Canada, will present their services, workshops and tips to help you prepare your expatriation project from France or Belgium.

They did it...

Listen to the testimonies of people who have made Canada their destination! How did they prepare themselves? How did they handle cultural differences? What challenges have they encountered along the way? Learn from the experience of others!

Presentations by the provinces

Throughout the day, representatives of the provinces and territories will host mini-workshops on their part of the country. You will learn more about the opportunities that exist across Canada and the various immigration programs specific to each province and territory.

Ready to go!

For those who already have an Express Entry profile, a permanent resident visa or a temporary work permit in one of three categories of International Experience Canada (Working Holiday, Young Professionals, International Coop (Internship)), a special session is proposed to give you practical advice to accompany your first days in Canada. This panel aims to provide avenues for successful arrival in Canada: networking, financial preparation, looking for housing, health care and adapting to a new life!

Life in French in Canada

Nearly 10 million people speak French in Canada and francophone communities exist in all the provinces and territories of the country. This conference will allow you to discover them and appreciate the advantages associated with choosing to settle in a francophone community outside Quebec. Bilingual employment opportunities, French-language schools and services available in French can all make it easier for you to settle in Canada.